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Building Mentally Strong Children – Success training

The term ‘proof positive’. It indicates that once we know something by seeing proof we creates an optimistic view of our ability to create more success.

When children are young the tendency of parents is to do everything for them, and of course, when they’re really young you must. However, the sooner we can teach our children to have even minor successes we are teaching them that they can be a successful person.  Likewise, when we continue to do everything for our kids when we don’t give our kids challenges that they can overcome our children have no evidence that they can succeed as they grow older. Martial arts is designed to do just that. To give our children successes that they can chart and follow and realize their own skills. Also, through the challenges Children face in martial arts, they can learn how to grow from a ‘let down’ and learn the skills to challenge themselves to come back stronger.

Stripes, belts, and daily positive affirmations for a job well done all these things piled up to teach our children that they can be successful when they apply themselves to tasks. This gives him the confidence and strength to face challenges that even seem too difficult to achieve. Any parent who is witness their children achieve a black belt in martial arts can attest to the fact that children can do far more than they or even you expect they are capable of doing.

I often refer to martial arts as the best example of controlled adversity. Adversity allows us to witness ourselves overcoming and achieving greatness. When we give our children controlled adversity what we’re really doing is writing a roadmap to become mentally successful in anything you face for the rest of your life.

All the tools and skills learned through Taekwondo and Jiujitsu are designed specifically to develop these important life skills throughout a students continued training.  Education goes far beyond school when we want to develop children that are capable of creating their own successes in any path they choose in life.

So ask yourself; what can I do to make my children mentally strong and prepare them to be successful in anything they attain for the rest of their lives?

As far as I’m concerned, there is a not a better roadmap to success that a child can follow than a  structured martial arts program.  At Champs Academy, we are dedicated to developing your children for a successful future!


Successful Children are Built here!